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About Us

Kittie Corral is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of homeless cats by providing health care and placement in safe forever homes.


Why we do what we do

Kittie Corral is dedicated to rescuing and saving the lives of sick, injured, and stray cats who have been abused, left homeless, or neglected.  Kittie Corral will also spay or neuter, vaccinate, and provide necessary medical treatment, and find loving, adoptive, safe homes for these stray and neglected cats.


Our Adoptable Kitties


Gentle soul! Boris is an all black adult kittie with a gentle soul!  He is loving and wants nothing more than for you to interact with him!  He gets along well with other cats, however, he has never been around dogs.  Several years ago Boris was found outside and it...


big BOY! Bertie is a big boy!!  He's 18 pounds of pure love!!!  It was thought that he was a feral several years back when he was found. His ear had already been clipped but was brought inside only to find out that he is a LOVER OF LOVERS!! This sweet and gentle boy...

Lina, Karina, Toby, Simba, & Paco

Beautiful litter of kittens! We have 2 girls and 3 boys that were born inside on September 28, 2023. "Lina" is a calico who wants to be held all the time because she is shy.  She is bonded with her sister, Karina, and they will need to be adopted together.  Although...


PRECIOUS BOY! This is Peaches, but is also called Peachie, Peachie Pooh, or Peachie-boy.  This kittie is a Turkish Van and Mackerel Tabby Mix.  He is a sweet and cuddly boy who knows no stranger and will greet you at the door and tell you all about his day, which...


THE BLACK PANTHER!!! "Bear" is not your ordinary aloof cat who ignores you when you call him.  He has the appearance of a black panther and the personality of a dog trapped in a cat’s body.  If you ever wanted to own a dog but not have to get up or hurry home to walk...


GOREOUS MAINE COON KITTEN!!! Grayson is a long haired 10 week young Maine Coon!  Born December 22nd, 2023.  Grayson is quite the love bug and wants to lay on your neck, chest, or lap.  He doesn't mind being held and carried around either.  His laid back demeanor is...


DAKOTA Born on April 3, 2017 Dakota is a real sweet boy!Dakota, the Gray and White Tuxedo and Siamese mix, is just a little love muffin (on his terms)!   He's very skittish but will cuddle in your lap and turn on his purr motor while you pet him when he wants love and...

Did you know

  • While an unsterilized cat and her kittens can generate over 20,000 offspring in four years, millions of animals are euthanized in this country each year.  Simply breaking the chains of uncontrolled reproduction can stop this.
  • Around 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized each year in the United States simply because they do not have homes. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering.
  • Spaying and neutering can reduce the incidence of some of the most common types of cancers, making it likelier for animals to live a longer and healthier life.
  • Many states and counties have established low-cost spay/neuter programs that make surgery easily affordable and accessible.
  • The cost of spaying and neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising kittens for one year.

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