Sweet and Spunky!

At just 2 weeks of age, Amaya and her brother came to us as bottle babies when someone put them in a box late at night and set them on a lady’s porch with intentions of them dying!  We were contacted right away and rescued them from the hands of death!  Skip forward to today and Amaya has become a thriving, sweet, and spunky little girl who has filled out, gained weight, and is full of life!  This precious little girl LOVES HUMANS!  She turns on her purr motor the very second you pick her up!  She is incredibly active and requires a LOT of interaction not only with humans, but with another playmate!  To boot, you would think she was training for the Olympics since she tries to climb to the very top of the 6 foot condos (almost there!), runs like she’s a sprinter, and pounces on any toy she wants to play with!  This tiny treasure LOVES shoe strings, wand toys with strings, springs, and all the scratching posts there are to climb!  Amaya is quite the lover too!  When you pick her up, she will put both hands on your face and give you kisses!  She naps in bed with you, HER condo, in a pile of blankets, or wherever she feels most comfortable at that moment.

It isn’t clear whether or not she’s a short or medium hair because her hair is in between; too long to be called short, yet not quite long enough to be called medium hair.  What we do know is that she is very soft and fuzzy, very loving and playful, and would definitely need a family who can dedicate a LOT of time to her or who has another playmate for her to burn off the energy she has while she’s training to be an OLYMPIC CHAMPION!