beautiful long haired calico kitten!

You just have to smile and shake your head with amusement while thinking of Autumn.  Autumn is the smallest kitten of the litter and last to be born.  She plays games then quickly makes them more challenging. She’s incredibly quick and loves chasing balls, springs, and strings or anything that she can bat around, especially batting the springs around in the bathtub; but even more so, she enjoys you interacting with her batting the springs around too!
Your back will become her personal bridge from one place to another when you bend down.  This precious little girl will sleep by your feet or in the back of your knees.
Autumn is very shy toward strangers and wants to be every place her human is.  This baby is so very sweet and gentle.  She needs someone who can spend lots of time with her just hanging out working at home.
Autumn enjoys watching cat videos on TV as well as music videos that have “shiny” colors.  This sweetheart will need someone who can give her a LOT of love and affection as well as interaction!
As of late, Ripple and Autumn have really become bonded and would need to be adopted together. They have become inseparable.