The most gentle kittie on the planet!

6 years young!

Bob is absolutely the sweetest kittie around!  With over 17 pounds of pure love, he is the friendliest most loving baby around!  He knows NO stranger and thrives for your love and affection!  He was recently rescued from a man who suffered two strokes and could no longer care for him.  We discovered at his visit with the veterinarian that his blood work came back positive for Feline AIDS, however the rest of his blood work indicates he is as healthy as a horse!  He currently has a female sibling who tested negative, so interaction with other cats is NOT a problem.  He doesn’t bite or scratch, and Feline AIDS is nearly impossible to spread.  Bob would do extremely well as an only child as long as the family has the time to dedicate all their love, affection, and attention to him!  He can also be left alone while you are at work.  He is a real snuggle bug and loves to lounge anywhere there is a blanket or sheet for him to lay on!

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