Little Lover Boy!

Casey is an amazing, energetic and loveable kitten. He loves to play with all kinds of toys, and if he doesn’t have one, he’ll find one.  Anything that’s dropped on the floor, left on a table, or in it’s place is game on for Casey!  Fortunately,  he is partial to toys gifted by nature. A green flexible twig with three green leaves is one of his favorites!  He loves to jump, pounce, and run up the cat scratcher once he catches his “prey” and continues to play until he’s absolutely worn out and needs a “cat nap” to do it all over again!

Casey loves to climb and jump knocking down anything in his way.  He’s like a whirlwind, but one look into his bright eyes will have you smiling and laughing at his kitten silliness. 
He is a sweetheart of a kitten.  He stands over you, looks in your face until you open your eyes, then greets you with his nose in your face!  Then he’s ready to play in bed with you.  This little sweetie enjoys hunting anything under the sheets, especially your feet.
As energetic as he is, this ball of fire will need someone who is as playful as he is, while his humans can devote time for grooming and cuddles.  He really does thrive on human interaction.