Cinder is one of three kittens born to mom, Fluffy, who was unable to nurse them.  A wonderful bottle baby foster mom taught them love and trust from the time the three siblings were just days old.  It was such an important part of their life.  Cinder is confident with her brothers and can hold her own when wrestling.  She loves the laser pointer and will scramble after it from one end of the room to the other.  Occasionally she’ll sleep with one of her brothers, but generally naps on top of the smaller cat tree or in bed with you!  She will reach her paws up to grab a hold of the churu treat, and will allow about 10 seconds of cuddling at a time before she wiggles off your lap to join her brothers on one of their toy adventures.  She loves batting little balls around the floor.  One of her cutest behaviors is that she will jump in the litter box after her brothers use it and make sure that everything is covered very well, as if her little momma instincts are already in place.