GENTLE sweet baby boy!

Grady is one of five in his litter but is the most independent.  He has decided that it’s alright to play with his siblings, but he would rather have his human to interact with!  Grady is EXTREMELY gentle, wants to be held and loved on, play toys with, and most definitely wants you to give him gentle chin and cheek scratches!

Grady’s momma is a Calico with both Calico and Tortoiseshell markings.  Grady has very unique markings as well.  He definitely has the “Tabby” stripes, however, he inherited his momma’s Tortoiseshell markings and color as well throughout his head, face, ears, and chest.

This sweet boy would need a playmate when adopted, but also must have a human to devote time and energy to him as well.  He would make a wonderful addition to a family who is retired or works from home where he can receive constant interaction throughout the day!