Bonded siblings that are 5 months young!

Imagine being a tiny kitten, and the first few months of your life all you know is  living under a home; cold, wet when it rains, hungry if your mom is out hunting. You don’t know it yet, but a few kind humans will find you and know that you deserve so much more.  They will bring you food every day and over a few weeks’ time you learn to trust.  You will start to run to them when they come with food and fresh water. You will then know that humans are kind.  You will let them take you to the kitten doctor to make sure that you do not have babies of your own.  They will get you your vaccinations and give you loads of TLC.  You may be a little frightened when they take you to a home, but it’s warm when it’s cold outside, and cool when it’s hot. And dry when it rains, safe when it’s windy.  You get food, and clean water, and toys and a soft place to sleep.  You’re now ready for a forever home, and although it may be frightening at first, you will continue to get all of the love you deserve, forever.


Ian and Lolita are the sweetest five-month-old kittens, now ready to be adopted.  Although they will be a bit skittish at first, and probably hide, but they are both lap cats (Lolita more so on her terms).  Sit on a chair and they both will vie for attention. They are full of kitten energy and playfulness. Chin scratches and cheek rubs are their favorites.  Ian is a gorgeous ginger boy with golden eyes, and Lolita is a little tabby princess with a white chest and the same golden eyes.   As brother and sister, they are a bonded pair that we want to see be together forever.  After all, they have had each other since birth and have been through the challenges of both a hurricane, and then a rescue.  Loving, playful, but not yet as brave as they someday will be.  If you are an experienced cat lover who would love to give them their forever home, please contact us.  They’ve been spayed/neutered, had their rabies shots, FVRCP and are microchipped.  They’ve not been with children or dogs, and a home for just them is preferred.

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