Beautiful litter of kittens!

We have 2 girls and 3 boys that were born inside on September 28, 2023.

“Lina” is a calico who wants to be held all the time because she is shy.  She is bonded with her sister, Karina, and they will need to be adopted together.  Although Lina is shy, she still wants to have interaction with her humans.  She’s very loving but reserved at times.

“Karina” is also a calico but has the tortoiseshell markings.  Karina is also a bit shy but not as much as Lina.  She is becoming a brave little girl as she has been exploring more and starting to enjoy a lot of attention from her humans.

“Toby” is a solid orange Mackerel Tabby who just wants his human.  He wants ALL THE LOVE you can give him and then some!  If he doesn’t get the love and attention he wants, he will cry his eyes out until you pick him up for love or play and interact with him.

***** ADOPTED *****
“Simba” is a dark orange and white Oyster Tabby with the MOST GORGEOUS markings on the planet!  He has long dark orange stripes from the neck to the tail and bullseyes on his sides making him an Oyster Tabby.  He’s is incredibly gentle and wants a LOT of love and affection as well as belly rubs.  Simba and his brother Paco have bonded well and will need to be adopted together.

***** ADOPTED *****
“Paco” is a lighter orange and white Mackerel Tabby who will also want your undivided attention as he reaches out GENTLY to touch you.  He wants your love and affection continually, and thoroughly enjoys belly rubs.  Paco’s hands and feet are bigger than all of the boys so he may end up being a really big boy when full grown!  He and Simba are nearly inseparable!

Pictures will be in order as you read about each kitten.