Kitten momma survives extreme trauma!

Rachel is a kitten who got pregnant at 4- months of age and gave birth to 3 kittens!  Yes, folks, it’s extremely difficult for a tiny kitten to get pregnant at such an early age and then deliver babies.  But Rachel’s story just doesn’t end there.  When she got pregnant, she was also hit by a car leaving her with a broken hip and femur.  Imagine trying to give birth with broken bones!  She  had the FHO operation and is recovering well!  Yes, she is healing fast and at just 11 months young, she is ready for kittenhood again!  This young momma is SO READY for someone to love her!  She doesn’t mind being picked up and held, sleeping in your lap or next to you, and is truly content being the center of attention.  She’s actually playing with toys, thrives on human interaction, and will absolutely sleep in bed with you even though she loves her bed and condo!  Rachel will do well with a family either as an only child or with very gentle passive cats or dogs.  Rachel is completely vetted and ready for her FOREVER home!