very unique little girl!

Ripple is quite a unique kitten in so many ways!  From early on, she loves to rest on your neck and shoulder while you dance ever so tenderly to the music.  Surprisingly enough, she also enjoys soft bluegrass music or other low key melodies.
Ripple loves to chase pieces of paper tied to a string or shoe laces, plays with balls or stuffed toys.  She doesn’t mind playing with her siblings but she does not like any of them to be aggressive, otherwise, she runs and hides.
However, this little stinker has claimed “her” bed and will ambush her siblings if they try to get inside it while she is in it   If she isn’t in her own personal bed, she absolutely wants to be in bed with you!
She watches squirrels and lizards from and paws at the window and when the cranes walk through the yard, she gets excited but is cautious.
Ripple has soulful eyes and we often wonder what is going on in her head when she’s observing the world around her.  Sometimes, she likes to sit on your leg and just watch the day go by.  She enjoys a little cat grass and fresh cat nip on occasion as well.
As of late, Ripple and Autumn have really become bonded and would need to be adopted together. They have become inseparable.