shy but coming out of her shell!

Tricia is a small girl for her age and may not ever be big as an adult.  Rescued at just 4 weeks, we learned that her momma is also a kitten herself and became pregnant at just 5 months of age.

This little tike has a “meow” that can hardly be heard so you have to look and listen closely.  She comes running when she sees you, follows you to the bathroom and flops over so you can rub her belly, and sleeps in bed with you at night!

Tricia and her brother, Barry, have bonded nicely and will need to be adopted together.  They play, sleep, eat, drink, and use the litter box together.  Tricia has been introduced to dogs and is a bit standoffish because she is so bonded with her brother.  It doesn’t mean things would not work out for a family if they have a dog.  It just may take her more time to interact.    Please consider giving these babies a FOREVER home!