Approximately 4 years young

This baby still loves to play with toys and playmates!

Buddy is a very special boy who needs a very special family!  He is a Lilac Seal Point Siamese and Scottish Fold Mix and will need family members who are patient, loving, gentle, and willing to interact.  You see, Buddy has been severely abused, hit or smacked in the face and head to the point he is afraid for quite awhile until he realizes that won’t harm him.  He LOVES to be in your lap and thoroughly enjoys belly rubs.  He will even PURRRRR like crazy after he has warmed up to you!  Holding him is NOT an issue either!  He genuinely needs someone who has so much love and affection to give him and allow him to blossom out of his shell quickly!  Buddy would do extremely well as an only child or with someone who has a gentle passive dog!

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