Rachel & Phoebe were born on March 9th, 2022 and are bonded siblings.
Rachel and Phoebe are BFF sisters; and two of the cutest little fur muffins you’ll ever meet. Rachel is the most courageous of the two, and will climb and jump to any area she finds interesting. Phoebe will stay behind and watch for a while, and then follow her sister wherever she goes.  Occasionally, Rachel will go on adventures out of Phoebe’s sight, and Phoebe will call her back, or go looking for her. Both kittens are excellent eaters, sound sleepers, and are so much fun to watch as they play. Rachel and Phoebe love laps, being held, and sharing toys. Whoever adopts the two princesses will be very fortunate.

Phoebe and Rachel are both sweethearts that love to nap (everywhere), and who love to sleep next to you in bed at night. Phoebe has silky soft fur, and Rachel has beautiful, mesmerizing eyes. The fur babies are a bit over three months old, and two of the sweetest foster kittens ever! We’d love to see them in their forever home soon. They did spend time with a dog when they were younger, and are presently around older cats in their foster home. They’ve not been exposed to younger children, but older kids would probably be just fine. They are very calm and would make excellent first pets for an older child!



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