Fearless Female Kitten

Peaches is one of the sweetest foster kittens we’ve taken into our home. She came to us with an eye injury, skinny and having intestinal issues. She was quickly vetted and gets special attention at the vet for her damaged eye. She sees fine out of one eye, but most likely will need to have surgery at some point in her life but the ophthalmologist does not recommend the eye being removed at this time.  Even with that challenge, she loves to sit on your lap, be carried around, and will come when she’s called.

If you are looking for a kitten that follows you everywhere you go, who
plays constantly, but also sleeps soundly, you need to meet Peaches. If you are looking for a four month-old kitten who still thinks your feet are toys, sticks her head in the dishwasher while you’re loading dishes, and plays with the big kitty’s tail even when growled at, you need to meet Peaches. If you are looking for a fearless little fluff ball, about as loving as they come, you need to meet Peaches. She has no sight in one eye, but this does not slow her down at all. She’ll make a wonderful addition to a special family that will enjoy the antics of kitten-hood, while they last, knowing she’s a lap cat in the making.

Fearless and calm, Peaches is a treasure.

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