A ball of energy!

Barry is a HUGE kitten for his age!  Rescued at just 4 weeks, we learned that his momma is also a kitten herself and became pregnant at just 5 months of age.  How he has grown twice as fast and twice as big is a mystery.  With so much energy, this baby boy wants constant attention and interaction!  He even gets into a little mischief from time to time.  Barry is the kind of kitten who will gently “head butt” you in the face because he wants you to kiss him all over his face.  He will also do the same to your hands because he wants you to pet him and love on him!

Barry loves to play with all toys and seeks out human interaction all day long.  He doesn’t mind being held like a baby and getting kisses!  Barry has bonded with his sister, Tricia, and will need to be adopted together.

This sweet boy is not bothered by dogs but won’t really “play” with them since he is so bonded with his sister.  Please consider adopting Barry (and Tricia) today!