“Bear” is not your ordinary aloof cat who ignores you when you call him.  He has the appearance of a black panther and the personality of a dog trapped in a cat’s body.  If you ever wanted to own a dog but not have to get up or hurry home to walk the dog, then Bear is the cat for you!  Bear will follow you around 24/7.  He is nosey and wants to know what you’re doing at all times, looks at you with an expression of “what is going on?” or “what do you have?  Are you eating pork chops right now?  Can I have some? Let me smell your hands… “

Bear will run along side your legs and between them.  Sometimes he runs so fast that he may trip you by accident.  He LOVES humans.  He does not like to be left alone or in a separate room or he’ll cry and cry and cry until you open the door.  This sweet boy loves to play with toys, chases his tail (dog trait again), and he will sit on your lap once he is comfortable.  This baby is also food and treat motivated.  He will even beg at your legs for a table scrap (again another dog trait), but he won’t get it.

This precious boy is 5 years young and  tested positive for Feline AIDS, but that doesn’t stop him!!  Bear has the personality of a black panther: personable, loving, affectionate, playful and talkative, and very smart.  He embodies the spirit of a dog in his soul with the black panther traits.

Bear does have his boundaries and when he gets in a “mood”, he swings his tail rapidly and you will know he needs a time out and this is the time to ignore him like a cat.  Bear needs a home where he is the king of the castle, the ALPHA PANTHER.  He would do best with someone that spends a lot of time at home, works from home, or is retired.  He APPEARS to be ok with other cats but has not had a lot of exposure to them and since he displays more of the ALPHA PANTHER characteristics, it is in his best interest to remain an only child.  Bear would be a loyal companion to someone looking for a “not so ordinary” cat .