At just 2 weeks of age, Eli and his sister came to us as bottle babies when someone put them in a box late at night and set them on a lady’s porch with intentions of them dying!  We were contacted right away and rescued them from the hands of death!  Skip forward to today and Eli has become a thriving, sweet, and playful baby boy who has filled out more but small for his age, gained weight, and is full of life!  This MOST PRECIOUS little boy LOVES HUMANS!  He purrs the very second you pick him up!  Eli is incredibly active and requires a LOT of interaction not only with humans, but with another playmate!  Eli will get along with other kittens, cats, or even dogs!  He’s very playful and at times can be a “typical boy” and can rough house with a playmate.  Don’t let that fool you though!  He is an absolute darling that will completely melt your heart!  He does not like to be left alone, nor does he want to be behind closed doors where he can’t be with his human!  Eli LOVES to sleep in bed with you at night or the very top of a cat condo and will even nap if there is a pile of soft fluffy blankets on the bed already.  Knowing where he came from to where he is now, it’s been an extremely long and difficult journey.  It is going to take someone or a family that is extra special to know what a real treasure this precious baby is!