Bonded Sisters!

Born March 21st, 2022!

Freya and Scarlet are bonded sisters from the same litter and MUST be adopted TOGETHER!

Freya is a Mackerel Tabby with big eyes and Scarlet is all black with green eyes. Both are incredibly tiny for being 7 months young. The similarities between the two is amazing, thus, being so bonded! Both of them have tiny little “meows” that sound like a newborn baby bird and it’s absolutely ADORABLE to hear, especially when they wake up! Both have learned to give tiny kisses and love to sleep on your chest, neck, and arms as well. TALK ABOUT LAP CATS! These girls will be in your lap as soon as you sit down and put a blanket in your lap, especially Freya! As kittens often do, these babies will knead the dough or make biscuits and they still suckle on a blanket. Both are absolutely the sweetest love muffin furbabies around and will make and EXCELLENT addition to your family!

Consider adopting Freya and Scarlet TODAY!

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