Bonded Sisters!

Born March 21st, 2022!

Freya and Scarlet are bonded sisters from the same litter and MUST be adopted TOGETHER!

Freya is a Mackerel Tabby with big eyes and Scarlet is all black with green eyes. Both are incredibly tiny for being 9 months young. The similarities between the two is amazing, thus, being so bonded!  These girls still “make biscuits” or “knead the dough” and suckle on a tiny little bed whenever they take a nap or sleep at night.  Freya has a very tiny little “meows” that sound like a newborn baby bird and it’s absolutely ADORABLE to hear!  Scarlet has just now gotten her tiny “meow” and is so cute!  TALK ABOUT LAP CATS! These girls will be in your lap as soon as you sit down and put a blanket in your lap, especially Freya!  Scarlet will also nap next to you on the arm of a chair if she feels there isn’t enough room in your lap!  Both are absolutely the sweetest love muffin furbabies around and will make and EXCELLENT addition to your family!  Since birth, however, both have had a difficult time digesting certain foods, so they both must remain on prescription dry food for the rest of their lives and can have a variety of wet foods and certain treats as well.

Consider adopting Freya and Scarlet TODAY!

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