Born on June 1, 2019

Hunter & Cisco were rescued out of the most horrendous living conditions, abuse, and neglect. These precious babies are inseparable and MUST be adopted TOGETHER! NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED

They have been tested and treated for Feline AIDS and Leukemia (both negative), treated for severe worms and fleas, Coccidia and Giardia, have received FVRCP vaccines and will be neutered soon. They have been seen and examined many times with the veterinarian and now have a clean bill of health.

Hunter is a little lighter in color and has longer hair, while Cisco is the darker colored kittie with shorter hair. Yes, it’s hard to tell them apart at first. These boys play together, sleep together (in bed with you of course), eat together. They are quite the bonded pair. They will purr like crazy when you give them YOUR attention too!

Please consider adopting Hunter & Cisco TODAY!!!

Thank you!!!

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