precious baby boy!

Jack is one of three orange tabby males of the litter, but also has three sisters.  He looks the most like his mother with a foxy face.  He loves to chase after toys then leap in the air to try and catch them, or chase the laser toys!  He is quite active with his brothers and plays hard.

This baby is very sweet in nature.  He likes to sit on the top of your knees and play a kitten version of ‘King of the Mountain”.  It’s usually more of a game of balance where the human’s legs lose the battle.  Jack loves to play in the sheets while making the bed!  He loves for the toys to be moved under the sheets so he can hear them instead of see them to improve his hunting skills.  

When it comes to sleeping, he lays beside you while he purrs the night away.  He also likes his back, neck, and ears rubbed tenderly.

 Jack likes cat TV too, but he likes watching music videos more if they have something shiny to follow.