Kristoff and onyx

Born on March 9th, 2022
Precious siblings who want so much affection

They are both little lovers!

These two bonded brothers need to be adopted together.  Kristoff is a bit smaller of the two, and is a sweet loving little tabby.  There’s a small difference in size between the two but Onyx looks bigger because he has longer fur.  Kristoff can easily hold his own and is often seen pushing Onyx aside so he will be first at the food dish (even though they each have their own dish).  Onyx is a calm little kitten with a little patch of white on his chest.  Both are extremely playful and chase each around the room.  Love toys?  Absolutely!  Both are also climbers, so a tall cat tree/cat condo would be recommended for these two munchkins.  We take pre-adoption applications, so if you’re interested, fill out an application ASAP.  As soon as they are neutered we will let them go to their new home. 

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