The most precious kittie on earth!

Midnight has been through quite a bit in the last 2 years!  She came to us as a temporary foster and ended up being abandoned by her owner.  She had a tumor on her tongue that was never addressed prior to her arrival so we got her treated and it went away.  As time passed, she developed symptoms of drooling so again we took her to the vet to see if she had the tumor growth again or if she had a bad tooth.  It was neither.  We discovered that she has 3 autoimmune diseases that caused several ulcers in the roof of her mouth and a hole in her tongue.

After we had a cleaning done on her teeth, we began the long road to recovery.  Midnight went through biopsies, surgery, and medical treatment with various medications.  After a few months, it was unanimously decided not to keep Midnight on prescription drugs since they would cause more problems such as heart conditions, diabetes, and more.  We decided to try something different.  IT WORKED!  Midnight was given a natural plant based product that is human grade and safe for animals too, and was confirmed that her entire mouth has been COMPLETELY HEALED!  As long as she continues with this natural product that builds the immune system, the ulcers and tumors should never come back AND the hole in her tongue has completely healed as well!

Midnight will need a very special home where she can either be an only child, or have 1-2 siblings.  She does stress and loses hair when she’s around more than 2 kitties.  She is very much a lap cat or will sit at your side or even across your shoulders and chest when you lay down.  OHHHHH the PURR motor begins!!!  She will PURR PURR PURR!  She also has her favorite blanket to lay on.  Following you around like a lost puppy is a daily adventure.  She is also sure to let you know she is ready for breakfast and dinners!  Will you consider welcoming Midnight into your family today?!

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