2 months young

Two peas in a pod!

Missy is a little Tortie, small for her age, but also a bundle of energy.  It took a while to get Missy used to being held, as she wasn’t sure if she was going to like it or not.  A few head and chin scratches, and she’s starting to really like the human contact.  Once you pick her up she relaxes onto your lap – until she sees something to play with and then off she goes.  Torties are independent little fur balls, and can have a bit of an attitude, but they are also very loyal to their family.  She plays with Buttercup non-stop too.  Her appetite is great, and she is a prolific water drinker as well.  Her next family needs to make sure that fresh water is always available.  It may take a while for Missy to adjust to a new home, being as shy as she is, but once she’s confident, she’ll make an awesome family member. She has the best coloring overall – with the cute beige ‘lipstick’, and streaks of white and beige on her tummy.


Buttercup loves nothing more than to be on your lap all the time.  Only one out of every five ginger kitties is a female, so she is already a bit of a rarity.  It didn’t take long for her to show her confident streak by climbing on laps and chasing her sister, Missy.  Buttercup will happily follow you around and will tell you when she is hungry or needing playtime.  She is quite a talker.  She is as loving as they come.  She loves to climb, so a cat tree is a must.  Once she is comfortable in her surroundings, she will take every opportunity to sit in your lap or let you play with cat toys together.  Both girls are vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and READY for their FOREVER home!!!


Missy and Buttercup MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER, as they are inseparable!

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