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Please help all the kittens and cats, and on occasion puppies and dogs.  The most important everyday needs for the kittens and cats will include food (both wet and dry), lots of litter, toys and beds.  Please help in any way you can.  Gift cards to Costco Wholesale Club, Chewy, and Amazon, or gas cards are greatly appreciated.

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Cats available for Sponsorship

Would you like to help a special kittie but can’t provide a home?

How about a sponsorship?

Kittie Corral has kitties with special medical needs that require life-long medical care.  You can help take care of them with a donation, and a sponsorship will let you choose the special kittie that has tugged at your heart.

Kittie Corral DOES NOT euthanize healthy animals.  Every effort is made to do whatever it takes to bring these kitties to an adoptable state, however, when this is not possible, Kittie Corral does everything possible to ensure the cat’s survival.


This precious loving baby is “Milo.”  He and his siblings came to us as tiny 6 week young babies that have had a lifetime of sickness.  Through the years it has been a constant battle with Urinary Tract Infections and vomiting.  With years of treatments, tests, and prescription foods, Milo has overcome all the urinary dysfunctions, however, has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis.  With all of the vomiting, he has been on medications and prescription foods to help.  Thus, he can no longer be adopted.


This sweet Maine Coon boy has many medical issues including an enlarged liver and cancer.  He is no longer available for adoption.  We do all we can to ensure this baby is cared for until the very end.

Freya and Scarlet

Freya and Scarlet are sisters from the same litter and have very severe gastrointestinal issues since birth.  If they are not provided prescription food, the vomiting becomes so severe that it is literally just blood.  Therefore, neither can be adopted.


Cody came to us as a 6 week young kitten and is the brother of Toby shown above.  Since birth, Cody experienced severe Urinary Tract infections at least 4 times per year for 3 years.  With extensive testing, Cody was diagnosed with Lower Bladder Disease and must remain on prescription foods for the remainder of his life and can not be adopted.


Princess was rescued at just 2 days young out of the hands of death.  From this time, Princess has had a very difficult life.  With having pneumonia multiple times in her first year of life, and no relief with antibiotics and prednisolone, Princess was assessed by specialists who determined her right lung had collapsed.  Princess would now be on nebulizer treatments for the remainder of her life and will no longer be able to be adopted.


Ghost and Artemis

Ghost, an 8 year young Siberian Husky and Artemis, a 10 year young Alaskan Husky, came to us abused and neglected.  Recently, Ghost was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and Bladder issues.  Artemis required extensive oral surgery, leaving her with only 4 teeth left.  She was also diagnosed with incontinence issues.  These two are an extremely bonded pair and can never be separated.  With the medical diagnoses they are both experiencing, they are no longer adoptable.

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