This is Peaches, but is also called Peachie, Peachie Pooh, or Peachie-boy.  This kittie is a Turkish Van and Mackerel Tabby Mix.  He is a sweet and cuddly boy who knows no stranger and will greet you at the door and tell you all about his day, which seems to consist of sleeping in any soft or warm spot he likes that day.  He loves to sleep in the bed as well as cuddling on blankets or pillows.  When he is awake, he loves to play with balls or crinkle toys and enjoys the noises they make.  He loves to sit and watch the squirrels and birds too.  Peaches is quite the lap cat but will also lay on your chest or close by in the evenings. He spends his nights either in the bed with you or on the couch.  However, before he goes to sleep, he needs his treats and wet food.  He will let you know when it is time for sure!  Peaches LOVES CHILDREN, however, over time, has become an ALPHA MALE with other animals and will need to be adopted into a home where he is king of the castle as an only child.