4 siblings

Born March 21st, 2022!

Pepper and Scarlet are the black kittens with tiny bits of white hairs all over, and Ryder and Freya are Mackerel Tabbies!  Scarlet has just a touch more “white” or “gray” like raccoons eyebrows than Pepper.  Freya is darker striped and a bit smaller than Ryder is.  Pepper and Freya are little love bugs and will come to you for more attention than Scarlet or Ryder, however, they are beginning to do the “monkey see monkey do” pattern.  ALL of them come running when it’s time to eat though!  These precious babies will need to be adopted in pairs.  It doesn’t matter if you adopt both girls, both boys, or one of each, but they MUST be adopted together.  All four of them have such a special bond so in their best interest, 2 have to stay together.

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