4 siblings

Born March 21st, 2022!

Pepper and Scarlet are the black kittens with tiny bits of white hairs all over, and Ryder and Freya are Mackerel Tabbies!  Scarlet has just a touch more “white” or “gray” like raccoons eyebrows than Pepper.  Freya is darker striped and smaller than Ryder is.

Freya and Scarlet (girls) are quite bonded and have tiny little “meows” and it’s absolutely ADORABLE to hear, especially when they wake up!  Both have learned to give tiny kisses and love to sleep on your lap, chest, neck, and arms.

Ryder and Pepper (boys) are also bonded and play much harder than the girls do (obviously, since they are boys)!  Pepper loves to “attack” your legs and feet playfully and Ryder just wants to cuddle with you!  All four babies will definitely sleep on the bed, in your lap, your chest, neck, arms, and even in the condos.  As kittens do, they “knead the dough” or make “biscuits” on blankets and even suckle a little bit on blankets as they try to get comfy before nap time.

Although the girls are bonded closer and the boys are bonded closer, it would be ok for any combination of them to be adopted together!

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