gentle little lady!

Stella is one of six in her litter.  She likes to observe what everyone is doing before she joins in any hunts.  She would rather watch the bathtub games, and bat the springs around the house, but loves it even more when you throw them for her to chase!  Springs, balls with bells, stuffed mice… she loves them all!  Playing inside the tunnel is not only fun, but it’s her own personal “lookout” for her when her siblings want to play inside too!
This sweetie loves to sleep with you at night.  In the morning when you awake, she is READY for breakfast when your feet hit the floor!
Stella enjoys sitting against you and cuddling.  She hasn’t quite figured out how and where the best place is beside you to lay down, but she practices plenty!  She is definitely a beautiful,  gentle kitten that needs to be loved and cherished.