Born on April 3, 2017

Wilbur is a very active baby!

Wilbur is quite possibly a mix of an Oriental Shorthair and Russian Blue. Most Oriental Shorthair are also mixed with Siamese and can be nearly any color.
What is distinctive about Wilbur is that he has all the traits of an Oriental Shorthair: he has bat ears, long face, very lean body, ALLERGY FRIENDLY, very territorial, and can jump or leap very high. Wilbur is a sweet kittie who loves to play! He enjoys all the toys imaginable as well as lasers and kittie condos to run and jump on! He’s a precious baby who takes a liking to children before adults (therefore, becoming protective), so he does very, very well with kids (at least age 7-8) who are gentle and loving in return! Wilbur is a low maintenance, passive kittie, but will definitely be ready to play when you are! He does need a playmate since he and his brother are extremely close. Wilbur would not do well by himself. Make Wilbur a new member of your family today by giving him his FOREVER home!

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