When Yolo was rescued, she was already pregnant with her 2nd litter of babies.  We allowed her to deliver her babies and had learned she was never feral at all, she was a stray kitten who had been thrown out on a country road where there is nearly no traffic or homes.  Yolo has become quite the loving kitten!  With a gentle touch from her hand to yours, she is saying she wants to be held and loved, allowed to lay in your lap, and petted softly!  She is a real gem!  Because she has been through so much already as a kitten, being pregnant and giving birth twice, Yolo is not a very big kitten at all.  In fact, when she becomes an adult in just a couple of months, she will still be a very small cat at barely 7 pounds!  She gets along with other cats but does NOT like dogs at all.  She loves to sleep in bed with you or in her own bed, very cuddly, and enjoys belly rubs and chin scratches with soft brushes across her cheeks. but REALLY loves it when you scratch her back by her tail!  Yolo will also have to be an only child unless you have another just like her.  She was recently tested for Feline LEUKEMIA and her test was POSITIVE.  Yolo can only be with another cat who has tested positive or remain an only child.